Harmony in Lily Flat Major

Art of Sandipa

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Large sized semi-abstract work
mixed media on canvas

Wattle Time: Asking for Rain

Australian Country
Central Highlands of Victoria

A compositional dynamic of ancient time on one hand and the young and fragile
on the other…

Dark basalt stone outcrops weathered by time,
contrast with flowering yellow wattle trees

Wattle Time: Sound of Amber
Wattle Time: Asking for Rain         Wattle Time: Sound of Amber
Cockatoo Moon
Life of Ancient Pear

Ancient Eucalyptus
standing strong
a feminine figure reaching
to the sky
Mysterious psyche of
the cockatoo
flying beneath the moon
touching the earth,
taking the roads of the sky

Cockatoo Moon             Life of Ancient Pear
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For the Poet to Speak
            Billabong Floating Leaves

A response to the natural world, to the open perspectives
and raw beauty…

Complex layers reveal themselves within a playful rhythm

The wind guest of autumn
comes ever cooler
birds become restless
the sound of leaves flurrying
in a musical dance

For the Poet to Speak             Billabong Floating Leaves
Natural World             Moss Mountains Meet

Aotearoa New Zealand

When I rest deeply into the natural world, I find a well
of inspiration that gives vision
to mystic nature

Delicate leaf forms
of southern mountain beech
primordial forest
unspoiled by humans

Moss, sea and water
weave the Pacific tides

Moss Mountains Meet
Natural World            
We Are Many, We Are One             About The World I See
The influence of nature, ever present, is the foundation of Sandipa's journey as an artist.

The paintings encompass nature's infinite variety in form and colour and her art has been described as a mastery of colour and an imaginative application of design. It's from an inner vision that Sandipa's art is created.
"Art has become my
meditation –
to be in touch with the natural source is an artistic journey that is as mysterious and seasonal as nature herself"
We are Many, We are One             About the World I See

Sandipa on
the cover painting
of Cello Circles


In her search as an artist, Sandipa (pronounced Sandeepa) was attracted to the unique cultural expression of various indigenous cultures – their sense of pattern and colour in woven rugs, jewellery, ceramics and adornment. Even though these native peoples lived in faraway lands and in isolation from
each other for millennia, they all evolved colourful
and imaginative art, full of wonder, reflecting the unique treasure of their natural world universe.

Sandipa has lived in faraway parts of the world, spent many years in the international and creative ashram of the enlightened mystic Osho in India and America. Her work is exhibited widely in Australia, the United States, and in Aotearoa New Zealand.

"I realized that the common thread running through the artistic expression of ethnic cultures was that they all live in close connection with the earth –
they view nature as their guiding force.
It became clear to me that my creative expression was involved with this same source of nature.

About my way of working I can say that I try to allow things to happen with such intensity of purpose that the part that does not speak in words or gestures is given a voice in colour and form, in a visual language. I try to bring into form some quality that sustains and nurtures humanity – things like love, trust and beauty."


The Southwest art of Sandipa    
Southwest Art
Sandipa's exhibition at Tin Shed Arts, Malmsbury Vic, Australia
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