In a better society, children will not be taught any religion, any politics. They will be taught how to think for themselves, how to doubt, not how to believe.
They will be taught to be more intelligent, to be more reflective. And the whole world will be full of enlightened people.

Enlightenment is just your naturalness. This is the great contribution of Zen, all other religions are belief systems - Zen is not. All other religions will ask you to believe in god, in heaven, in hell.

All other religions will have thousand and one beliefs. Zen has no belief system. Its whole effort is to discover your natural self which is covered with dust of all kinds of good intentions, of beautiful thoughts, of great beliefs. All that dust has to be cleaned off. And then you are left alone in your naturalness...

Zen is, in my vision, the only religion in the world worth calling religion. All religions are just exploitations of man and his search for himself. They are deviations, distractions, they lead you away from yourself, they don't bring you home.

from: "Dojen, the Zen Master, A Search and A Fulfillment"



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