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Receiving Love • Treasures Of Snows • Matters Of The Heart

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Majestic Peaks

Inner Ocean

Close Connection

Rising Lights

Approaching the North

Matters of the Heart

Deep Blue

Rising Lights Reprise

Treasures of Snows

Receiving Love

Mountain Lake


total time: 68:15

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Reiki Mountains

When snow has fallen and you step outside, you sense the silence that comes when hard surfaces are covered by a soft blanket of white splendor. This sensation can change your perception of well-known surroundings - everything sounds different, all sounds are absorbed by the delicate snowflakes that line every contour of the world around you.
This is not unlike what music can do - creating a space to rest within and letting the tensions of the day dissolve into a silent alertness.

I love the grandeur of Aotearoa New Zealand's Southern Alps and their majestic way of looking over the lands below. Seeing the sunlit mountain peaks on a winter's day gives me a sense of proportion in my life - the mountains have been here so much longer than I will be and have seen so many events unfold and disappear in the valleys and plains below.
This quality of watchfulness is a good metaphor for my own process of reflection. Whenever I can, I sit silently with my eyes closed, watching how events are unfolding, without being there to cast a stone of judgement - just being there in a space of acceptance -watching thoughts float by like clouds in an empty sky.

It is from this space of reflection that the music of Reiki Mountains is created - may it help you to create a similar space to look inside yourself - to be in a space of self-nurturing. This process of watching and meditation that I have learned from my spiritual master Osho, has brought more light, love and laughter into my life. If you give yourself some time to learn the knack of meditation, I see no reason why the same celebration cannot become part of your life.

Sambodhi Prem